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How to Complain to Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut don’t want to know. They really couldn’t give a flying monkies about your piddling complaint! I know because I’ve complained to them before. A while ago (last easter in fact), I complained to them. And it was no small complaint. I ordered a Pizza for Delivery online. They didn’t deliver for ages, I phoned to ask where my food was, they said sorry, they didn’t have any bases left and couldn’t supply the order, then they couldn’t figure out how to do a refund, so I never even got my money back!

I tried complaining, but to this day, no money back. ONCE THEY’VE GOT YOUR MONEY, THEY DON’T GIVE A FUCK. Frankly, when it comes to the witless, minimum wage Hannah Montanas they employ, they don’t give a fuck before, during or after getting your money. (Who can blame them I suppose, they see precious little of it?)

But if you wanted to have a go, you can write to P O Box 57979, London, W4 9AR or you could phone them on 08447 700 669.

You could even try their “Contact us” form at .. http://www.pizzahut.co.uk/restaurants/contact-us.aspx however, you will first have to agree to a huge list of Terms and Conditions… http://www.pizzahut.co.uk/restaurants/terms–conditions.aspx . It’s important to note the small print of the terms and conditions. For those of you who don’t wish to spend to much time digesting those T&Cs, Let me paraphrase them for you..

“Once we’ve got your money, we will not give a fuck. No matter how fucked up the issue, we only give a tinkers toss about getting your money and not giving it back. Of course that is unless the law says we have to give a fuck, and even then, we won’t really give a fuck unless senior management start getting carted off to jail or are ability to get our hands on your money is somehow restricted. So Billy Bob, go for your life son, just don’t be surprised if our attitude stinks as bad as a camels arsehole, there’s no money in your whine ass complaints so save youreself the time and FUCK OFF NOW!

Love & Kisses,

Pizza Hut”

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  1. I would like to tell you.1871 oconnor drive pizzahut.that is my favorit store to eat.I don’t know now when I order many items,mostly they every time say no salad.and no multigrain pizza.and also boy name thiva,when he take order touch the money, and he didn’t wash hand.although he makes pizza.even he doesn’t know how to speak.I have to explain many time . I don’t know what is going on thats store.I hope you will tell the store owner about this.thank you so much

  2. went to pizza hut in pakefield lowestoft on monday 25th april for a treat for my sons birthday.as we stood waiting to be seated we wasnt even acknowledged until they could be bothered to seat us,bearing in mind it wasnt even busy.when seated we asked about buffet because on website says there was buffet but staff just blantenly said there isnt one.then across the restaurant heard other customers asking about buffet when another rude member of staff told this lady to learn to read,at this point we decided to leave as all staff were very very rude and had bad attitudes,they didnt even bother that we were leaving,no apology just a face of someone who didnt care and had no people skills.as you can imagine my son and his friend were dissapointed but will not go somewhere to have a meal and feel awkward to be there.we were not impressed,totally unacceptable.

  3. http://www.complaintletter.org.uk/pizza-hut/

    How can they keep Ignoring these serious customer service issues??

  4. Dear Customer Service,

    I visited Pizza Hut, Bayswater branch, this evening to eat. I entered and there was no one to seat me. There was 5 to 6 tables empty so I set down next to the window. 5 minutes later the waitress asked me to change my table and I was not interested to change my table and requesting to order. 5 minutes later the manager came asking me way I do not want to change my table and he was kindly explaining that I am setting on 4 chairs and I must be in a 2 chairs table. I explained that I am waiting for my other 2 friends because we are going to whitely cinema and they will join me until I finish my food. He said when they come we move you again or they can wait for you till you finish eating in our waiting room, I refused as there was still more that 4 tables empty in the restaurant so I insisting to stay on the table I am already at informing the manager that I am feeling offended by this issue and when my friends come I want them to stay with me and not in another room. The manager informed me that he will not serve me until I move to a 2 chairs table and he refused to get me food. He embarrassed me in front of other people watching us. I asked to speak to his manager he said there is only me. I asked him for who is your manager he said that he has no manager and he is the only manager. I asked him who can I complain to he gave me a number saying that this is customer service and it was not, I came back requesting another number and he gave me another wrong number. Then he told me loud on my way out in front of others not to forget to tell the customer service that I did not have a reservation.

    This is not acceptable. I was having a wonderful day until I met him. All what I wanted is to eat and to wait for my friends. I did not eat because he refused to serve me and the manager did not care when I told him that I feel offended from that issue. I feel that I’ve been kicked out from that branch.

    I asked him to write his name to me he wrote Routtraa but I am not sure if that is his name or not because there was no name tag. I asked him how can know if that is your name as you are not wearing a name tag he said it does not matter just say the manager and they will know.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you

  5. Pizza hut: buy one get one free. Southgate, n14 London.
    He never gave us the free one.
    Manager took the order. He can’t speak English. Rao.
    One “lady” first answered the phone. Lenica. She couldn’t understand my wife’s English.
    She rude. Very rude.
    Luckily I could hold my temper, but at some point I just wanted to go down there and crack theyr rude heads open.
    Too much is too much sometime.

    Never again pizza hut.

    I will do get my free pizza.

  6. Adding to this enlightening discussion, I ordered from the one at Docklands. The same story as always, wrong pizza, couldn’t give a fuck and wouldn’t give a shit if i went to bed hungry after paying them out an extortionate amount. Imran is the apparent Cunt in charge. Piss take.

  7. I ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut for the first time in my life a few weeks ago. I had only just moved within a short walking distance to the Aberdeen store thinking this would be ideal for a bite to eat while i unpack. When arriving at the store i stood there waiting for about 15 minutes before being acknowledged by a member of staff. At the time of being in the store about 3 members of staff were trying to work out a problem they had with another order for another customer who was waiting getting equally as frustrated at the service.

    During the trip i attempted to get the attention of other members of staff as they were at the counter and the blatantly ignored me. I even had a very loud conversation with this other customer about how the customer service was atrocious and how i am still waiting to be served. Eventually the 3 members of staff dealt with this other customer and acknowledged me. I paid for my pizza and waited about 5 minutes for my change. Due to poor communication, the branch manager was uncertain as to why my money was sitting at the till. I had to speak up to let him know i was still due about £8 in change.

    Pizza Hut pride themselves on being specialists in making pizzas since 1958 (i think) yet i left there thinking “it’s a pity they didn’t work on their customer service during this time”. I decided that that would be my first and last time at the branch. However, yesterday i was extremely hungry after a long day at work. I had no food in my place and it was 22:30 (30 minutes before closing) so i decided i would give Pizza Hut a second chance. There were a few other customers in the branch plus myself, all were getting the same poor quality of service as the last time. I stood for about 10 minutes waiting to be served, however the service from the Manager wasn’t as bad as the last time. One of the other customers was very loudly trying to get the attention of another member of staff who was little over a yard away (at the other side of the counter) yet this staff member ignored him. The words “Excuse me” tend to be a recognised way of getting someone’s attention, yet this was ignored on so many occasions.

    Never again Pizza Hut. When you compare Dominos to Pizza hut there are so many differences that work in Dominos favour. The customer service at Dominos tends to be 100x better. the speed seems to be 100x faster yet, unlike Pizza Hut, Dominos actually make the pizza bases at the time of the order whereas Pizza Hut use pre-made bases. As a result quality is so much worse. Cleanliness of the Aberdeen Pizza Hut Branch is alos disgusting. The staff member sweeping the floor ignore all the corner bits and it looked as though the place hadn’t been mopped in months. If complaining to Pizza Hut won’t work then a call to the Environmental Health may be on order. I may just do that as well.

  8. Tasneem AKHTAR

    I visited pizza hut in dunstable not long ago and was absolutley appalled by the customer service we didnt get seated for atleast 25mins and then didnt get served for 45mins this is disgusting and i would like some compensation the staff were very rude and and its not acceptable i look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Pizza Hut have become a very expensive place to eat. The staff are fucking ignorant and very dismissive of all you say. Half the salad bar is missing most of the time. The kids partys are one of the most annoying things they do. Your trying to have a meal and all you get is sprogs running riot around the place. We should campaign against pizza Hut on everything that is available on the net.Force the bastards to improve there attitude to the people that keep them in business.

  10. Miss Behaviour

    Pizza Hut, West Norwood 26 July 2011- Ordered a margheritae pizza that is a cheese and tomato pizza for home delivery and took 45 mins to arrive. Whe n I opened the box my ‘cheese and tomato’ pizza liked as though it had a layer on marmite on it and it was cold.
    I did call to complain, but they really did not give a dam. Guess they had my money already so they really did not think it was there problem because it was clear they were not going to give the money back.

    Pizza Hut will never get a other penny from my pocket (FU)

  11. Miss Behaviour

    I have just been sick thanks to Pizza Hut, West Norwood

    FU Pizza Hut

  12. Miss Behaviour

    I feel sick…

  13. Just been to PHut – Talbot Green S.Wales, waited ages to be seated, although there were many tables available! Table was dirty, we cleaned it ourselves and we had to ask for cutlery (after explaining to the waitress what cutlery was!)Food all over the floor along with rubbish – kids colouring crayons, paper hats etc. Free salad – Keep it PHut!!! most of it was on the floor and no labels on the dips/sources! Pizzas arrived after being served flat coke! Kids had a Pepperoni whch was overcooked, my girlfriend and I shared a seafood/ coast Thin Italian – it was disgusting ! really disgusting – we could not eat it!! To be fair, after a conversation with the “Manager” he agreed not to charge us!!! not the first time I have had such a shit pizza from Pizza hut – and we wont be visiting again – thanks for spoiling our afternoon PizzaHut!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. went to pizza hut in Stevenage leisure park OMG ordered a massive order sit in with family one pizza being Magarita instead half way thru one of the kids realises its pigarita with some pieces of bacon in it being Muslim this was a very big insult complained to the staff who said did i want a replacement i asked to see the manager who was very apologetic i said that i wasn’t going to pay for anything will never be going to any pizza hut again ….still not happy will be taking this further…

  15. Hi, I read this webpage after I’d had really rubbish service from the docklands pizza hut… basically waited approx 2 hours for the food, firstly after an hour, I called and was told it’d be ten minutes… but then kept getting calls from the delivery guy basically asking for directions but not listening so calling over and over from random locations in my area… then when finally getting the food at about 10.30pm bits were missing! So I thought I’d complain to the ‘contact us’ tab on their website, obviously, like most people, expecting to never hear anything from them…

    so you can imagine how surprised I was when I opened an envelope today with a written apology and a £10 gift card!

    So I just wanna say, it is worth putting your complaints in writing, sometimes people do take notice!

  16. Australia
    I was trying to leave the following complaint after using the website but it turns out leaving complaints is impossible. So i’m so pissed off right now, i need someone somewhere to read this and maybe theres a small chance someone who works for pizza hut will hear this…

    Website is not usable, i wasnt able to get prices for food, when i tried to select my store for the price an error pops up, something about the code not working, then it takes you back to the homepage, happened FOUR TIMES so i gave up.

    I am a website designer so i know how to use a website, its not my fault in case your going to pass this off as just another noob not knowing what there doing.

    Then I try calling, the contact number provided: 1300 749 924 does not work. i get no response, no ring, nothing. So I cant even place an order over the phone? (but in the end 131166 worked, but this number isn’t displayed anywhere on the website, so i did get pizza in the end)

    When I try looking up my store (ringwood) it does not provide a contact number. I can not make an order whatsoever online.. How the hell do you expect the average PC user to figure this out?

    its very annoying, you wasted sooooo much money on a website that DOES NOT WORK and you cant even get the phone contact information right?

    And another thing, even leaving this complaint is near impossible, where the hell is the scroll bar to go up and down on this page? After trying to figure it out I stumbled across click the screen and dragging down as if to highlight text… That is extremely poor design.

    Actually, it is impossible to leave a complaint, i try to click submit and it asks me to fill out my “store name” and some other fields, but these fields do not exist.



  17. We had a Happy Hour meal at Middlebrook, Bolton at around 3.30pm. By 5.30 pm we both had stomach cramps, diarrhoea etc. Tried to complain. No response to e’mails etc. Referred the matter to local Food Standards. Hope they give Pizza Hut a real going over for hygiene. That should kep them busy !!We are not Happy and we hope Pizza Hut are Unhappy too.

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