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Flav & Pat – Lucky they only lost their jobs!

So it turns out that Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds told Nelson Piquet Jnr to crash at last year’s Singapore GP, in order that his team-mate Fernando Alonso would win.
It’s bad enough that they’ve plunged the sport into disgrace at a time when it had narrowly avoided disaster and was recovering.
It’s bad enough that Motorsport…

The Blind, foot surgery in a tent and why Avon Tyres can fcuk off.

I’m very bad at DIY. No, really appallingly, dangerously bad. Which is a shame because I like power tools and the idea of “Building my own Castle”. But I am so bad that there are a collection of notorious tales that get told around the marshalling campfires about my astonishing handywork mis-adventures.
There’s “the loft ladder”,…